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Reaching The Miskito People

The Mission

The indigenous Miskito people live along Coco River that runs between the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. It is estimated that there are about 300,000 Miskito people. This region is one of the poorest on this half of the earth. As an oral culture, less than half of the people can read. As a result, audio Bibles are needed as well.

Jesus commanded us to go into the entire world with the Gospel message (Matthew 28:18-20). MCF believes Jesus has asked us to lead the way to provide over 3000 Bibles and 500 audio Bibles to the Miskito people. The hard work of Bible translation is completed, now they just need Bibles. In January of 2016, MCF helped distribute some of the first Bibles to Miskito Pastors. Now it’s time to put God’s Word into the hands of the Miskito people and transform this region.  A Bible costs $15.  How many can people will you impact for eternity?

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The Living Word-Phase 1 Completed

At noon, January 6, 2018 in the community of Krin Krin, MCF completed the Miskito Bible distribution along the 500 mile Coco River bordering Honduras and Nicaragua.  3160 Miskito Bibles & 500 audio Bibles were distributed (audio Bibles were donated by InTouch Ministries and Leading The Way Ministries).  In addition, MCF developed the first Bible resources in Miskito-2 Bible reference sheets containing 75 topics and a one year Bible reading plan-a combined total of over 6300 copies were distributed.

A single team member traveling all trips to distribute the resources, traveled over 1500 miles by water-that's the equivilant of being on a small motorized fishing boat from Washington, DC to Denver, Colorado!

Perhaps the greatest legacy of this experience won't be the just the largest Miskito Bible distribution every done, but that it was done across denominational lines.  Although many pastors are connected with denominations, many are forgotten and not supported since they are so remote.

Due to our extensive travels along the Coco River, MCF has developed the first Miskito River pastor directory!  We've met most of the pastors along the entire river region.  To God be the Glory!


"Living" Water-Phase 2

After prayer and consultation, MCF believes clean water is the next major opportunity for the Coco River region.  Most of the illnesses faced are as a result of drinking dirty water.  A simple filter, while not a long term solution, can provide thousands of gallons from fresh water for drinking and cooking.  Please continue to make a difference and donate!

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All Donations Are Fully Tax Deductable