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Reaching The Miskito People

The indigenous Miskito people live along Coco River that runs between the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. It is estimated that there are about 300,000 Miskito people. This region is one of the poorest on this half of the earth. As an oral culture, less than half of the people can read. As a result, audio Bibles are needed as well.

Jesus commanded us to go into the entire world with the Gospel message (Matthew 28:18-20). MCF believes Jesus has asked us to lead the way to provide 3000 Bibles and 3000 audio Bibles to the Miskito people. The hard work of Bible translation is completed, now they just need Bibles. In January of 2016, MCF helped distribute some of the first Bibles to Miskito Pastors. Now it’s time to put God’s Word into the hands of the Miskito people and transform this region.  A Bible costs $15.  How many can people will you impact for eternity?

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There is a spiritual battle and we're also asking for your prayer support.  MCF will help lead the largest Bible distribution to this region that has ever ocurred.  A mission of this magnitude will need a team that will not only donate Bibles, but will also pray and fast.  The trip to distribute the Bibles is dangerous in general.  There are no hospitals, doctors, stores from which to get supplies or mobile phone towers.  The MCF team will need your intercession.

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